Wrongthink Episode 4: The City of Lights Becomes the City of Neck-High Garbage, and the Wisdom of Charging a Trump Crime that Might Not Be…Listen now (68 min) | Plus the quiet dignity of telling people they suck
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Wrongthink Episode 3: How Do You Define a Word Like "Woke"? How Do You Catch a Cloud and Pin it Down?Listen now (62 min) | Plus the best trees to bury your money under now that the banking system has collapsed and the SAT's blissful ignorance of our…
Arguably funnier than Krugman!
Wrongthink Episode 2: How Often Does Thomas Hang Out with MC Hammer and Why are America's Kids Depressed About That?Listen now (57 min) | He hangs out with MC Hammer a nonzero amount!
And HOW you're fucking up is interesting
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Wrongthink Episode 1: How Dead is Too Old, and is Dilbert Now More Offensive than Andy Capp?Listen now (55 min) | Fresh content straight off the grill!
Reimagining Hollywood's twelfth most glamorous night
People are Drawing Bad Conclusions From the Gay Rights Fights of the 2000s (audio)Listen now (32 min) | Stupid lessons from a stupid time

February 2023

Stupid lessons from a stupid time
Babies, Super Bowls, Presidents, and Slender Man, Not Necessarily in that Order (audio)Listen now (33 min) | Child rearing advice plus sympathy for the drunk