There is no “evidence-based care” in the trans realm. Any ostensibly scientific field that is dominated by activists ceases to be scientific at all. It’s advocacy and lawyering masquerading as science. No one gets into researching trans issues because they are agnostic and want to discover the truth. They go in because they have an ideological agenda. So nothing that comes out of the field is evidence of anything.

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Oct 20, 2022·edited Oct 20, 2022

Interestingly, in the prose world, there are CREEPY amounts of women who ARE into gay romantic comedies, and especially gay romances! As well as women who are into canonically straight male fiction characters having intercourse with each other. Fan fiction is a very weird place, as is the modern romance market. But I think that, while the phenomenon has the numbers for books, or even maybe for a limited streaming series, it’s probably not enough to justify a mainstream gay romcom at this level, and in that market.

Another point worth making: the marketing SUCKED for “Bros.” My husband and I (identikit disclosure: I am a gay guy) were talking about it the other day, how we were pretty much repelled by it. And the title, while I get where they were going with that, just planted the thought “so he’s fucking his brother?” in my head. Only a straight lady fanfic reader would want to see THAT. ;)

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The problem is. We are dangerously close to "figuring out the brain." A combination of genetic engineering and understanding of the cocktail of human life is going to end up asking a lot of weird questions. and I think in 100 years we are going to look back exceptionally embarrassed by what we "THINK" is going on with these people. And all people.

Let's say genetic engineering gets to a point where we can PINPOINT the genetic cocktail that CAUSES gender dysphoria? Then what? What if we do dig down into the genetics of it? What if we could "KNOW" those are interesting questions.

And not questions people will like.

I know very little about DEAF culture. But I do know that in certain circles people in the DEAF community who undergo surgery to gain the ability to hear can be ostracized by that community.

One reason. Groups like size. This is why twitter is so powerful it lets you pad out your group.

But what happens when we get to a point where we can literally. for lack of a better term, FIX the issue that connects said group? Well that group is gonna be mad!

The next 50 years should be fun! :)

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I don't know a single person who holds the position that "sex doesn't matter." I'm pretty far left, especially for Idaho. I don't hold that position (yet I still agree with the points made by Jon Stewart), and I don't think that Stewart holds that position. You claim that he holds it, even though you admit that he never actually said that. I'm currently reading "Evolution's Rainbow" and Joan Roughgarden doesn't believe that ... a trans woman scientist.

The argument you presented at the end of your podcast as the position that people on the left should take is almost exactly what I experience almost every lefty possessing.

I think you missed the mark on this one, big time.

We're living in a world where the right is denying that trans people even exist as actual things, and are working hard to make them suffer ... and you go after a strawman misreprentation like "sex doesn't matter?"

Here's the thing ... the extremism is on the right. Their measures will cause people to die. And yes, in response to that, sometimes those on the left will adopt a position that is somewhat more left than warranted by science. So the fuck what? We're trying to counter the actual problem in society. Maybe pushing a little bit harder than is warranted by science is actually warranted by the necessity of preventing harm. When society solves this problem, we will arrive at a position that is 95% of what Jon Stewart proposes.

You might be right that the science is being misrepresented by the left. I won't disagree there. I will argue that the left's playing of the science is much less serious and much less harmful than that done by the right.

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