I read the first two paragraphs, laughed out loud and drunkenly shared it around without reading the rest.

I finally read through the piece in the morning hungover and sharted from either laughter or eating too late at night. Please stop doing what your doing.

TBH I actually thought it was Ethan Coen till I got to the end. So either the bit works or I'm dumb. most likely it's both.

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As much as I enjoy reading your blog, there is something so much more rewarding in hearing your voice.

I might not always agree with what you write or say, but, dammit, I am never bored.

Your lack of pomposity is refreshing to the Max.

I was first directed to your blog by the "Macbeth" review.

Admittedly, I did not enjoy the movie.

When watching a movie on an iPad or laptop, there are certain limitations, especially when it comes to involvement.

Listening to your blog provides no such limitations.

Many thanks for what you do.

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